Dash Cams

4 Mega-Pixel Car Recorder, MAISI® Full HD Color Car Black Box Dashboard Camcorder (2304*1296/30FPS, 2.7 Inch LCD 8x Digital Zoom, 150-Degree True Wide Vision Angle, Motion Detection, WDR Superior Quality Night Mode, 6-Glass Lens, Automatic Ignition/Motion/Crash Detection and Recording with G-sensor, One Button Audio Recording, Support Up To 64GB TF Card)

What is a Dash Cam.

Dash cams are simply video cameras with built in or removable storage(memory card) that constantly record whilst a car’s ignition is switched on.

dcamThey are powered by hard wiring into the vehicle’s electrical system,plugging into a lighter socket or, more rarely, by built in battery.

Various enhancements are available which include:

Extra cameras either for internal or external(mainly rear) recording or viewing.

mirrorScreens for in car display,which can vary in size.

GPS Facility. Can provide details of exact vehicle position at a given time on video record.

Speed Sensors. Can provide and record details of vehicle speed at a given time on video record.

Accelerometers. As above provides details of change of acceleration.

G-force Sensor. All dash cams record on a loop system,this sensor will prevent overwriting should there be any impact.

Parking mode should be incorporated with the above as dash cams only normally record,when the car is in use.Parking Mode will activate the camera should the car be knocked whilst parked,day or night whilst unattended.

UPS (uninterruptable power supply.) Continues recording when power supply is cut or when parked,say at night.

There are many suppliers of dash cams,who provide units  with differing combinations of features.

Basic models are low in price but prices can rise to as much as £400,depending on which add-ons and/or specifications you require.

The best dash cams produce high quality images,have lots of helpful features and are user friendly.

For this reason we have split the suppliers into three groups,depending on the variety and number of models offered.

We have also indicated their price range and if possible brief history of the firm.

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